{NSFW} Only time…

I am feeling melancholy, It has been a pretty crappy month to start and honestly I don’t see it getting better going forward. I know, I know… Power of Positive thinking and I am trying… I promise!

In fact! I went to one of my favourite places in Second Life to take some pictures of a fun new outfit I found.

Alurel is a beautiful Community SIM. People live everywhere on it and yet still welcome the Public to come explore their creative and fae inspired home spaces. (No going inside the Homes please.)

I chose the lighting to suit my mood so… sorry if you can’t see the Details…but I am  not changing it!

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed styling it. VERY simple, very poignant, I feel very elegant!


The Chains intrigued me, looking heavy handed despite the elegance of the drape. It is a fairly Provocative cut, revealing one breast and really not hiding much for the imagination.Sigh_007

The chains cut in a bit here, please disregard! Albiet this isn’t an outfit you could wear about as the skirt is stiff in it’s shape but it’s still a fun one for pictures.Sigh_010 I feel the ears fit perfectly, they are featured in tons of Styling blogs, and honestly who can deny Mandala’s design quality. These are my favourite “ear” design in SL…

Hair: .Olive. The Candy Floss Hair – Crazy Glitter With Streaks 

Shape: My Own

Mesh Body/feet/hands: Maitreya – Lara – Body- Pink Fuel’s Renee in Hazel

Ears:  [MANDALA] Fantasy Elf Ears

Skin: Pink Fuel – Renee: Hazel- 

Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes – Forest

Outfit: !dM deviousMind: “Hekate” **MIDNIGHT**

EyeLashes: *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia (W/Eyeliner)

Makeup: – DAMNED – Cat Eyes Make Up (Not sure this is for sale any more)

Location: Kingdom of Alurel


Day Dream my life away… **NSFW**

It has been a while since I blogged, and this one is rather simple but I think elegant! I’ve been promising Darkstone that I’d blog his things cause, let’s face it… his creations are FANTASTIC and they suit my style more than most things (Cause sometimes Dragons.)


This first piece is actually one of my favourites, simply because of the name – Mojo! It’s a wicked piece, the one I am wearing is mostly Silver, the smaller loop containing beautiful earth-tone feathers and a wicked looking arrow! The longer loop ending in an elegant silver leaf. I fell in love with this because I own a necklace in real that almost emulates this design!


The Next piece doesn’t really -go- with the Mojo Necklace but it is another of my favourites. Owls are amongst the few animals I respect. I mean I love them all but I -respect- Owls. Grace and Deadliness all in one small and delightfully beautiful package…. Like me!

Small and Mighty and all that…

Daydreaming2This Cute little owl is gold but I do believe it comes in SIlver (Which is my preferred metal!)

… it’s an intricate piece and I feel incredibly well done. Perhaps he will whisper wise words in my ears as I lay here and Day dream!

And! OMG! This Bracelet… I swear was made specifically for me (despite what Dark says)!!!

Daydream Bracelet

My entire persona is centered around Shakespeares “Tho she is but little, she is fierce…”

Darkstone Made this My Mantra Bracelet! There are, I believe, 18 other phrases! They come with a resizer and they look amazing! But… I am biased and the above is my favourite. ~nodsnods!

Safest Paths, till we meet again


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sharon Mesh Hair – Black coffee

Shape: My Own

Mesh Body/feet/hands: Maitreya – Lara – Body-

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* High Elf Ears (Market Place Only)

Skin: Pink Fuel – Renee: Hazel- (also with Mesh Body Applier now YAY)

Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes – Forest

EyeLashes: *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia (W/Eyeliner)

Freckles: .Oh!Liv. *Face Freckles* (Market Place Only)

Jewelery:  Stone Works – Woman’s “Mojo” Necklace, Owl Earring – Amethyst, My Mantra  “Tho she be small” Bracelet

Prop:  Sway – Sway’s [Dreamer] Garden Lounger . lavender – 



They say it’s the darkest before the dawn but honestly, I am finding this “darkest” to be a bit longer than comfortable. I am ready for the Dawn… I am ready to emerge from this weird phantom living that we are enduring right now… With all sorts of depressing things happening to both my family in world and in real it just seems rather hopeless.


One of the things I love about Second Life is the endless possibilities, I can be whoever or whatever I want, and do whatever I want (Obviously within reason) and go anywhere! This makes the worlds hopelessness seem a bit easier to bear.

I find it funny that I still choose the majority of the time to be…me. A Sweet, short, sassy Avi. While obviously I’ve utilized the… “Improvements” to be my Ideal self (WOO DRAGON) I am still essentially me.

I am enjoying the creative outlets I can find here… and I am thankful for SL making RL just that much less dark.

Not a true styling, just some musing….

Much Love


How do you like my Whimsy?

Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

I have the honour of participating in my very first Hunt as a BLOGGER! YAY! Thank you so much Earth Nirvana for this incredible Opportunity, I honestly hope I do your hunt Justice!

This Blog post will be in a few parts as the Hunt goes on! First I will be showcasing what I’ve received so far and the next few will be my progress through the Hunt itself!

Looking forward to entertaining and advertising the “How do you like my Whimsy?” Hunt!

This is just a quick Sampling, I will be styling for each individual Piece as I find them in the Hunt 🙂

**The Stylings Below will only List Credits for the Hunt Items below each Picture. The Hair/Skin/eyes/Body/Hair has all been Featured in previous posts.** 


Satin Navy Harem Jumpsuit – PREY

On the Maitreya Mesh Body, works well with Alpha HUD


Four Items in this:

Picture/Wall Art: Tam  – My Picture does not do this Art justice. It is beautiful, You wont regret finding it!

Shelf: Carnal Cabal – Whimsical Shelf!

MCC Dress (Below)

Decoration by Whismical Happenings!


This Hunt Gift is on the Maitreya Mesh Body and fits wonderfully, minimal use of Alpha HUD required!! So Colourful! SO FUN!

Hunt Gift: Coull Creations 


Hunt Gift: Whimsical Happenings

Whimsy3Dress Hunt Gift! MadCatCreations Boutique

Dragon Song…

Portrait Purple

Dragon Song

Twas a night of awe and magic
Every dragon–one and all
Had gathered by the sea to fly
And answer instinct’s call.

One by one, they would step forth
and sing their own heartsong
Hoping it’d attract the one
To whom their heart’d belong.

A dragon stood, waiting his turn
to step forward and sing
a newcomer to the whole event
and tense as a coiled spring.

Finally his turn arrived
He stepped forth into the ring
Cleared his throat, searched deep inside
and then began to sing…

‘Calling, calling, hear my cry
O love, I’m searching through the sky
For you, O love, wherever you fly
My love for you shall never die! no! Love shall never die.

I cannot bear anymore my longing and pain
O love though I lost you, now I’m searching again
I pray I am not searching in vain! in vain!
But my love for you shall always remain! yes! shall always remain.”


The dragon stopped, his song now done
Silence pressed in all around
he blessed and cursed his voice and heart
and hoped and prayed love would be found.

no answer came for quite some time
The dragon hung his head
Had no dragon’s heart adored his song?
Would he be left alone instead?

Then from the crowd a female stepped
And met him in the ring
She opened her mouth and smiled at him
And then began to sing…

“I hear thy call, though thou art far
I wish upon a shooting star
To come to thee and give my heart
So I’d be with thou, wherever we are.

O thou, my love, I loveth thou true
Somehow I vow I shall come through
And give thee my heart, and my soul too
No words can tell how I love you.”

The female’s voice was like a harp
her eyes were ocean-blue
her scales were the shade of an autumn sky
She was a dream come true.


The dragon stood for a moment, unsure
And speechless of his luck
Then he knew he had to do
And Inspiration struck.

Their voices rose together in song–
A perfect harmony
Then while the crowd chanted loudly
the female whispered, “Fly with me.”

Still singing like angels, both dragons rose
And began to dance in the sky
Coming closer, ever closer
With every moment passing by.

The dragon’s song had found the one
to whom he gave his all
Twining and singing over the sea on that night
the dragon lovers heeded instinct’s call.

~ © Shadowscales Fierceflames

Dragon Poetry


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Valentina Mesh Hair – Black coffee

Shape: My Own

Mesh Body/feet/hands: Maitreya – Lara – Body- Using built in Glam Affair India to match Skin

Ears: *~*Illusions*~* High Elf Ears (Market Place Only)

Skin: Pink Fuel – Renee: Hazel- 

Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes – Forest

Dress: Caverna Obscura Shahrazad Ilythiiri Outfit ~PURPLE / WEBS~

**There is a LOT more to this Dress…I am just wearing pieces. The Prims fit perfectly on the mesh body, but the system clothing does not have an applier.

EyeLashes: *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia (W/Eyeliner)

Makeup: [Gauze] Fire Fox – Shadow

Freckles: .Oh!Liv. *Face Freckles* (Market Place Only)

Jewelery: ~Empyrean Forge Artisan Mesh~ Pikorua Necklace for RFL **This is exclusive for this Event, Please Visit Fantasy Faire to find -this- Specific Necklace

Earthstones: Tarnished Gypsy Bangles – Silver/Berry 

Horns: :[The Plastik]: Fantasy Faire Hunt Gift – [P]:- Living Light Horns:// Wicked

Head Piece: Stone Works – Elven Diadem – Purple Roses 

Playing with Light and Shadows

I decided to check out the Windlight Settings in Second life and learn to work with Shadow’s and  light. It was fun, turned from something serious into me screwing around with all the different settings. The only manipulation any of these pictures have are the Poses, the Camera Angle and the Windlight. I did not edit any of them!

So cool what you can find and do in Second Life 🙂

Playing with Windlight Settings in Second Life

Playing with Windlight Settings in Second Life

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Angry Sigh is Angry….But Pretty!

Anger says:
“I can destroy
The whole world.”
Peace says:
“Not when I work
Inside you.

– Sri Chinmoy

So, as the title suggests, it hasn’t been a great day. I work with Adults with Special Needs and that in and of itself is rather trying. On top of this, and a particularly struggle filled day, for the second time this month I am reading my book while waiting for my bus. Common sense dictates that the Bus Driver will stop at the bus STOP (as so many have done before) so I am patiently waiting. AND AGAIN for the -second- time this month (Same Driver), the bus blasts past me about 20-30 feet and when I look up confused as to why it didn’t stop, it stops and the Driver waits for me… First time he Lectures me about paying attention. I ignore it the first time because I still feel he is at fault for not stopping at the stop. Second time I got mad. His Job is to STOP at the STOP and let me on the bus. He claims he doesn’t have time to assume I am waiting for the bus (Regardless of the fact that I was at a designated BUS STOP) as I wasn’t paying attention, yet he has time to antagonize me and make me walk to the bus FROM the Bus Stop after blasting past my stop and stopping 20-30 feet away.

He proceeds to yell over me and my legit complaint, taunting and -daring- me to call and report him. TAUNTS ME! WTH is wrong with people… Seriously. He made me so mad I couldn’t stop shaking, I told the Lady who I complained to ALL of this especially about him Taunting me to complain.

Needless to say, I was tired. So… I turned my attention to something productive to help me Relax and Here is the Styling!


(Please Bear with me about the Credits, I am in the Process but I wanted to get this Blog post up and going!)


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/

Shape: My Own

Mesh feet/hands: Slink High Feet, Slink Elegant Hands

Skin: Pink Fuel – Renee: Hazel – Pink Fuel

Eyes: IKON Destiny Eyes – Forest


Bottoms: {mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans ~ Light



EyeLashes: *GA* Mesh Lashes Fantasia (W/Eyeliner)